Visual task boards (VTB) of ServiceNow are becoming more and more popular for visualizing complex processes and organize support teams by following Kanban methodology. But there is a significant drawback to the standard VTBs in ServiceNow: either you choose a data driven board, in which board lanes and process status are directly linked and you are limited to one process per board. Or you choose a freeform board so you can create flexible lanes and cards, but then all cards act completely standalone without process integration. This results in a large manual effort to keep the boards up to date or teams struggle with lots of separate boards for each use case or process type. On the other hand, Kanban methodology needs to combine all teams work into ONE board.

Solution: Savvy Task Board!

Tasks from different processes can be displayed on a single board and be processed according to Kanban methodology. Process status are flexibly linked with lanes. This means that the status of the process tasks from the boards are automatically updated when the lanes are changed and updates of the process status by support teams or other integrations are immediately reflected in the boards by automatically putting the card to the corresponding lanes.

In addition, we added possibility to automatically set labels of the board cards for any task parameter (such as task or process type). By default, labels can only be assigned manually. The default possibility to filter boards by labels also helps to keep track of the cards.

Larger teams are also often faced with the problem of keeping track in boards with hundreds of cards. With the Savvy Task Board App you can define flexible sorting rules per board lane, which automatically sort all lanes (by task or process type, priority or assigned to user) to keep a better overview.

In the newest release of the Savvy Task Board App you are able to copy existing Savvy Task Boards including all lanes, labels and logic to easily onboard new teams.